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Company Introduction

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Co.

Brosis International is engaged in Manufacturing & Exporting Crash Tested Bollards and Barriers Tested from Horiba Mira, U.K. & CTS, Germany.

With comprehensive experience since 2005, we offer complete solution to secure entrance from one source against any threat.

We manufacture Anti-Ram Crash Rated Bollards, Anti-Ram Crash Rated Road Blockers, Barriers, Crash Rated Gates and Area Scan UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) / UVIS (Under Vehicle Inspection System), covering complete range of PERIMETER HOMELAND SECURITY SYSTEMS.

“We design and manufacture a range of premises security & scanning solutions that protect National and International Critical Infrastructure, Corporate Houses and Public Places, Private Buildings from perimeter security and scanning threats”


Our Products

Brosis International are manufacturers & exporters of high quality Anti-Terriorist / Defence Products range like Anti-Ram Hydraulic Bollards, Anti-Ram Road Blockers, Anti-Ram Fixed Bollards, Shallow Mounted Road Blockers, Viper Shallow Mounted Road Blocker, Anti-Ram Sliding Gate, Axle Breaker, Tyre Killer, boom barrier, Drop Arm Barrier / Anti-Ram Barrier, Oneway Barrier, UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) etc in India, Punjab Ludhiana. Below are our other manufacturing, directy supply & exports products range.

Why Choose Us?

Below are strong reasons which emphasize that why the clients should purchase security products from us.

Vast Security Experience

Brosis International are manufacturers/exporters/suppliers & installers for AUTOMATED Security Products since 2005.

In-House Manufacturing

We have developed robust infrastructure to manufacture quality security products.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturers & suppliers of security products worldwide.

Strong Client Base

We work within a wide variety of industry sector, our experience is extensive in providing physical security solutions globally for both Public and Private Industries.

Brosis International Security Equipments manufacturers exporters in India Ludhiana
Direct Defence Supply

We are approved direct suppliers of security systems to defence . we also provide competitive prices for all of our security products.

Worldwide Installation

We are worldwide suppliers of certified security products and also provide after sale service, spares, repairs & customer support to our clients.

Competitve Prices

We provide security products at very competitve prices.

Spares, Repair & Service

We also provide after sale service, spares, repairs & customer support to our clients.

Robust Manufacturing Facilities

As the world security scene continues to change rapidly, it is imperative that Brosis International continue to design innovative and reliable Anti-Terriorist / Defence Security Products which meet the highest parameters of security standards, by doing a different crash test on our Security Products. Brosis International's In-house manufacturing & testing facility enables us to reassure our global customers that the product they receive is effective and durable and could withstand the threat of vehicular attack. To mitigate the very highest level of vehicular attack, we have produced a range of high-security products

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